Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cookie Cutters Available!

MotoringChix has our hand-sculpted cookie cutters available for your New Year's festivities!

Each cookie cutter is hand-sculpted in our studio (not made on a form or by a machine) and our new version is riveted, creating an even more durable cookie cutter. These are made with a heavy gauge metal, sure to hold its shape unlike cheap cookie cutters which lose their shape quickly.

Cookies cutters are $8 each, in either the coupe or the clubbie style and include Johnna's favorite sugar cookie recipe. First class shipping is $2 per cookie cutter. Drop me an e-mail at jperry1036@kc.rr.com and I will send a Paypal invoice to you.


Anonymous said...

I love the MINI Cookie cutters!!

This is MINI Biscuits driving on bacon

Anonymous said...

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